Patient-driven diagnostics and fitting

The various hearing-aids technologies offer their users different options for change of instrument settings, which many appreciate. Maybe it is possible generally to achieve a better outcome and higher satisfaction, if the user is more directly involved in the fitting process. Maybe the user may perform control tests at home, which may help readjust the hearing aid, and maybe the hearing aid can adjust to these changes with a visit to the clinic. We don’t know what options future technologies may have, but with this area we will assess the user challenges and possible advantages, a patient driven diagnosis and fitting may have.

This work will start late 2018.





University Hospitals

Odense University Hospital
Rikke Schnack-Petersen

Aalborg University Hospital
Michael Gaihede

Copenhagen University Hospital
Jesper Borchorst Yde


University of Southen Denmark
Jesper Hvass Schmidt

Aalborg University
Dorte Hammershøi

Technical University of Denmark
Torsten Dau

Tech Service

DELTA a part of FORCE Technology
Gert Ravn




Karen Wibling Solgård

GN Resound
Nikolai Bisgaard

Filip Marchman Rønne