Gert Ravn

Senior consultant
FORCE Technology

Gert Ravn

Gert Ravn studied electrical engineering at Aalborg University, where he earned a B. Sc. degree in 1988, specializing in acoustics and digital signal processing. He joined the Technical-Audiological Laboratory (TAL) in Odense in 1988, which was merged into DELTA 1994, which again was merged with FORCE in 2017. He has been managing TAL until 2012, where he was promoted as Senior technology specialist for audiology and hearing aids. Gert Ravn has over the years contributed to the development of formalized test methods for hearing aids, incl. e.g. the first international standard for tests of electromagnetic interference in hearing aids, the IEC 60118-13 standard in 1996. Gert Ravn holds several positions of confidence, among other as the chairman of IEC TC 29 WG 13 ”Hearing aids” (since 1994) – a position, for which he received the IEC 1906 award in 2007.

Work Area

Gert Ravn is a member of the BEAR steering committee, and participates among other in the work with the centralized clinical database, and is the leader of the work area for revised standards.




Narayanan, Sreeram Kaithali; Rye, Palle; Piechowiak, Tobias; Ravn, Gert; Wolff, Anne; Houmøller, Sabina Storbjerg; Schmidt, Jesper Hvass; Hammershøi, Dorte

Can real-ear insertion gain deviations from generic fitting prescriptions predict self-reported outcomes? Journal Article

The International Journal of Audiology, pp. 1-9, 2022.

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Rye, Palle; Andersen, Rasmus Overgaard; Ravn, Gert; Hammershøi, Dorte

Comparison of Speech Reception Thresholds for Diotic, Dichotic and Antiphasic Headphone Presentations of Digits-in-Noise Triplets using Dantale I Material Inproceedings

Oral presentation at the Joint Euroregio Baltic Nordic Acoustics Meeting, Aalborg, Denmark, 2022.

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Sanchez-Lopez, Raul; Fereczkowski, Michal; Wu, Mengfan; Santurette, Sébastien; Baumann, Monika; Kowalewski, Borys; Piechowiak, Tobias; Ravn, Gert; Narayanan, Sreeram Kaithali; Dau, Torsten; Neher, Tobias

Towards auditory profile-based hearing-aid fittings: BEAR rationale and clinical implementation Inproceedings

Oral presentation at the Joint Euroregio Baltic Nordic Acoustics Meeting, Aalborg, Denmark, 2022.

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Narayanan, Sreeram Kaithali; Ravn, Gert

Real ear measurements and standardization Conference

Webinar, 1 December 2020, Danish Acoustical Society, 2020.

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Ravn, Gert

BEAR projektet: Optimering af høreapparater - hvad kan vi gøre? Conference

Invited presentation at Danish Technical Audiological Society's annual meeting, 9-10 Sep 2016, Hotel Vejlefjord, Stouby, Denmark, 2016.

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