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Welcome, Line Nim Lorentzen – BEAR Project

Welcome, Line Nim Lorentzen

On September 1, 2018 Line Nim Lorentzen started as a PhD student at the Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Southern Denmark.

Line Nim Lorentzen has a bachelor in Pedagogical Audiology and a Master in Audiology from University of Southern Denmark, 2018. The title of her bachelor project is “Reasons for the total or partial non-use of hearing aids among people provided with hearing aids”. The title of her Master project is “The Danish version of the Speech, Spatial and Qualities of Hearing Scale in its abbreviated form, The SSQ12 – A study of Validation”.

About her motivation for participating in the BEAR project, she explains:

“During my bachelor in Audiology I realized that my reasons for studying Audiology had changed. I now had the desire to be a part of dedicated people working within research to help improve the foundation for the treatment and rehabilitation of hearing-impaired people in Denmark, and not just “my own” patients. This was highly confirmed during my masters, and when the possibility to work within research as a student-helper arose, I applied and was chosen to be a part of BEAR. This gave me the possibility to learn some of the practical aspects of working within research. During my employment I applied for the PhD Fellowship in the Work Package concerning Evaluation of the clinical efficiency. My hope is that my work will contribute to the BEAR project fulfilling its vision and goals.”

In the BEAR project, Line Nim Lorentzen contributes to the work area of Evaluation of Clinical Efficiency.

Welcome, Line!