Nikolai Bisgaard

VP (former)
GN Resound

Nikolai Bisgaard

Nikolai Bisgaard studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, where he earned a M.Sc. degree specializing in psychoacoustics in 1976. Nikolai Bisgaard has worked in the hearing aid industry (GN Danavox, GN Resound, Viennatone, Auditdata, GN Otometrics) for decades and has been a member of a number of standardization initiatives. He was VP at GN Resound responsible for external relations until April 2021. Nikolai Bisgaard is also active in EHIMA – the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers’ Association.

Work Area

Nikolai Bisgaard helped establish and develop the project, until retirement 2021.





Bisgaard, Nikolai

BEAR - A Large Scale Effort to Improve Clinical Practice Conference

American Auditory Society's Scientific & Technology Meeting, February 28 - March 2, 2019, Scottsdale, Arizona, US., 2019.

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