Associate Professor
Aalborg University

Gérard Loquet

Gérard Loquet holds a PhD in Biology and Medical Sciences, a habilitation degree in Neurophysiology and a degree in Toxicology. He has previously worked as a neuroscientist in Collège de France (Paris, France), the University of Fribourg and the University Hospital of Lausanne (Switzerland). He has been implicated in several research projects related to sound perception in animal models, electrophysiology and neuroanatomy of the auditory pathways and electrical neuroimaging in both humans and animals. He has collaborated with the cochlear implant and the hearing aid industries in particular through a European multicentric clinical trial for a new middle ear implant. His present research interests include both low- and high-level auditory processing and mechanisms of multisensory integration for individuals with hearing impairment.

Work Area

Gérard Loquet will contribute to the project generally, and is the leader of the work area for validation of new strategies.





Wolff, Anne; Schmidt, Jesper Hvass; Houmøller, Sabina Storbjerg; Narne, Vijay; Hougaard, Dan Dupont; Gaihede, Michael; Loquet, Gérard; Hammershøi, Dorte

Self-reported Health-related Quality of Life in a cohort of Danish adults with hearing impairment before and after hearing-aid rehabilitation Conference

Dansk Selskab for Otorhinolaryngologi, Hoved- & Halskirurgi, årsmøde 25-26 april 2019, 2019.

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Wolff, Anne; Houmøller, Sabina Storbjerg; Loquet, Gérard; Schmidt, Jesper Hvass; Narne, Vijay; Gaihede, Michael; Hougaard, Dan Dupont; Hammershøi, Dorte

The Better Hearing Rehabilitation (BEAR) Study in Denmark. Study Population Characteristics and Perspectives Conference

Annual midwinter meeting in the Associated for Research in Otolaryngology (Book of Abstracts), 42 (PD 163), 2019.

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