Danish Sound 2017 Research Talent Award

At the Danish Sound Day 2017, Andreas Harbo Rukjær and Sigurd Møller van Hauen were awarded the Danish Sound Research Talent prize on May 18th, 2017 in Struer for their work on ”Estimating Auditory Filter Bandwidth using Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions”.

Andreas and Sigurd study acoustics and audio technology at the Department of Electronic Systems at Aalborg University, and in their on-going 8th semester project, they work with the development of an objective method to characterize a listener’s frequency selectivity. Their project is based on earlier published work from their supervisor (among other), which at very low frequencies demonstrates a relation between some of the parameters used in measurement of otoacoustic emission (OAE), and the frequency selectivity that can be determined by listening tests [JARO 18(2) 197-208]. Andreas and Sigurd have further developed the measurement platform and measured on 10 young normal-hearing individuals to study the relation on an individual basis, if there is any, and the nature of it. Depending on which relation, one can identify, considerations can be made for varying some of the parameters in the OAE measurements, which are normally held constant.

The BEAR project has supported the project in more ways. The Hearing Systems group at DTU Elektro have shared programs for determining the auditory filter bandwidth through listening tests. In addition, minor financial support has been given to allow the students to remunerate the 10 normal-hearing subjects who participated in measurements and listening tests.