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Oscar Cañete

Oscar Cañete received his professional qualification at Universidad de Chile as clinical Audiologist. He worked for about 10 years in Chile in public and private hospitals providing hearing services to a broad range of population. He got his PhD from the University of Auckland, New Zealand (2017) for his work on the auditory processing changes in children and adults with unilateral hearing loss. After finishing his PhD, he has been involved in several projects such as the study of the sensory status in mild cognitive impaired adults, listening effort in cochlear implant users and auditory processing in pacific island youth (PIFS study) in New Zealand.

Work Area

Oscar Cañete is working on the validation for new strategies, contributing to the clinical implementation of the BEAR test batteries and help design of the clinical trials.




Sanchez-Lopez, Raul; Nielsen, Silje Grini; El-Haj-Ali, Mouhamad; Bianchi, Federica; Fereczkowski, Michal; Cañete, Oscar M; Wu, Mengfan; Neher, Tobias; Dau, Torsten; Santurette, Sébastien

Auditory Tests for Characterizing Hearing Deficits in Listeners With Various Hearing Abilities: The BEAR Test Battery Journal Article

Frontiers in Neuroscience, 15 (724007), pp. 1-19, 2021.

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Wu, Mengfan; Cañete, Oscar M; Schmidt, Jesper Hvass; Fereczkowski, Michal; Neher, Tobias

Influence of Three Auditory Profiles on Aided Speech Perception in Different Noise Scenarios Journal Article

Trends in Hearing, 25 , pp. 1–15, 2021.

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Sanchez-Lopez, Raul; Nielsen, Silje; Cañete, Oscar; Fereczkowski, Michal; Wu, Mengfan; Neher, Tobias; Dau, Torsten; Santurette, Sebastién

A Clinical Test Battery for Better hEAring Rehabilitation (BEAR). Towards the prediction of individual auditory deficits and hearing-aid benefit Inproceedings

Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress on Acoustics (ICA 2019), Aachen, Germany, Sept 9-13 2019., pp. 3841-3848, International Commission of Acoustics 2019.

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Sanchez-Lopez, Raul; Nielsen, Silje Grini; Ej-Haj-Ali, Mouhamad; Cañete, Oscar; Wu, Mengfan; Fereczkowski, Michal; Bianchi, Federica; Neher, Tobias; Dau, Torsten; Santurette, Sebastién

Auditory profiling as a tool for characterizing individual hearing deficits: Data-driven analysis of the results of the BEAR Test Battery Conference

Presentation at the 14th Congress of the European Federation of Audiology Societies (EFAS 2019), Lisbon, Portugal, 22-25 May 2019, (03921), European Federation of Audiology Societies 2019.

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