Welcome, Lotte Petersen

On May 1, 2020 Lotte Simone Emilie Petersen started as a Technical Audiologist at Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark.

Lotte Simone Emilie Petersen has a Bachelor in Technical Audiology (2018) from University of Southern Denmark. Her Bachelor thesis addressed ”Cleaned vs. uncleaned ears: A comparative in-ear dry-electrodes performance study”, from which the results were used in a poster presented by Eriksholm Research Center at the IHCON 2018 (the International Hearing Aid Research Conference, Lake Tahoe, USA). Lotte has worked two years as a fitting audiologist at a private hearing aid manufacturer.

In the BEAR project, Lotte Simone Emilie Petersen will primarily work with the challenges relating to the clinical validation of new methods in hearing aids rehabilitation.

Welcome, Lotte!