Welcome, Mouhamad El-Haj-Ali

On 1. Sepember 2017, Mouhamad El-Haj-Ali started as a research assistent in the BEAR project, affiliated the working areas for new strategies for profiling and fitting, and validation of new strategies. Mouhamad El-Haj-Ali has a Master in Audiologi from SDU (2017), which he received for his work on cochlear dead regions. He has acquired a wide range of competencies and work experience from SDU, and Odense University Hospital, where he has worked as a teaching assistant and instructor. He has had both theoretical and practical teaching assignments, including lecture at the Bachelor and Master programs in audiology and pedagogical audiology at SDU. During 2015-2017 he was employed in a project at SDU concerning the development and implementation of e-learning tools.

Velcome, Mouhamad El-Haj-Ali!